Why Choose Us?

  • We offer expertise and complementary assistance in finding your new home.
  • Financing guidance with the Movement Mortgage www.Movement.com
  • Did you find your ideal home?  We will present your offer and negotiate on your behalf.
  • We guarantee your new home is your ideal property. If within two years you are not completely satisfied, we will happily find your replacement property and sell your home for free.
  • Your needs and objectives are our top priority.
  • We have exclusive and current information about properties in the area of your choice.
  • Our team of professionals will aggressively negotiate on your behalf.
  • We have created a stress free strategy from securing your loan to moving into your new dream home.

We want you to be fully confident that as your partners, we are 100% committed to making your home buying experience as rewarding as possible both personally and financially. Please call us if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you.

What Does a Buyer pay for in a Real Estate Transaction?

  • Home Inspection
  • Escrow (closing) Fees
  • Negotiated Buyer and Seller Repairs

What Does a Buyer NOT pay for in a Real Estate Transaction?

  • OUR Real Estate Commission. With our team, it is always FREE to the buyer.